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As a special gift for readers of Hack the System web site  I present: 10 exercises designed to help you improve your photography I teach photography classes and do private tutoring and one of the things I preach to my students constantly is that to improve you have to get out and do some actual […]

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Edmonton Photo Walk

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Every year, around the world in participating cities, photographs gather for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk and Edmonton has it’s very own. Photographers can submit their best image from the 2 hour time window during which the walk is held, into judging for “Best of Walk”. Best photo from each city is then judged for Best of Year and for prizes. It’s a free event, designed as a way to just get out, get walking and get some shots with other camera buffs.

Private Photography Lessons

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Private photography lessons allows personal one-on-one instruction for students who are not able to attend a workshop. Lessons are held in home or in the field and gift certificates are available. Ask about discounts on 5 and 10 hour lesson packages.

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About Your Tutor

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Born and raised in Edmonton, Darlene has had formal training in photography at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She enjoys portraits, fine art, and travel photography. She is a seasoned traveler having spent time in Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Peru, Thailand, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Cuba and Australia. Darlene loves exotic locales, exotic food and experiencing different countries directly through the local people and the cultural arts. Her vision is to share her artistic talents through teaching “the art of seeing”, and to spread love and tolerance through the experience of truly connecting with and understanding people of different cultures.

Private Photography Lessons in Edmonton