ESO Symphony Under the Sky – Part three

We’re back again for the second half of the symphony. I’m down to 52% battery power and hoping it holds out until the end.

This piece is very jazzy, me likey!

Now we have the pleasure of hearing the premiere performance of a composition by a young man in high school here in Edmonton. He is sponsored by the ESO and Telus through the Young Composers Project. His name is Roydon Tse and he is only 17 years old. He has studied violin and piano in Hong Kong where he was born, England and now here in Edmonton. This piece is called “Remembrances” and I suspect this will be the first of many we hear of from this prodigy. Awe inspiring, history in the making today.

And now, PJ Perry is back with a medley of Charlie Parker tunes. Which are ROCKIN’ by the way! Conductor Robert Bernhardt just announced “that was HOT!” so I was right about that one.

I can’t remember seeing such a wide range of ages at an arts event as this maybe ever. There are senior’s all the way down to tiny babes in arms, and all are finding something to enjoy. I’m sure this current set is taking those back to the “good old days” and the kids seem to love the marches and upbeat works.

The show is almost coming to a close now with one piece left, is 4:11pm. The 20th Field Regiment from the Royal Canadian Artillery will take us out with Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” by firing off 3 howitzers. Wow that was loud and I so was NOT ready for that. Now people all around us are ringing bells as part of the piece. Those guns fired as part of the percussion was pretty spectacular, can’t do that the Winspear! A great end to a great concert, thanks ESO for allowing me to blog about it!

I am not a music critic or expert by any means, but a fan – yes! I suggest if you haven’t ever experienced the ESO that you get out and do so! They will do it all over again next summer with Symphony under the Sky, but you don’t have to wait until then to see PJ Perry and hear some great jazz if that’s up your alley. He’ll be back on November 11th with the ESO at the Winspear. They have a great program from September to May and sampler packs for beginners. Partake and enjoy!

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