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This photography tour of Cuba next runs in January, 2014

So you say you want to learn more about photography, and you love to travel too?  Maybe you’ve taken photography classes before but want something different, something more interactive, in the field.  How about putting it all together in this customized photo tour to Cuba led by a professional photographer of 24 years as your tour host and instructor.

Habana Vieja – image courtesy Jon Bowen

Photo Tour Cuba- Quick Details

  • Where: Cuba
  • When: nine days leaving January 18, 2014
  • UPDATE: This photo travel tour is currently SOLD OUT
  • Who: maximum group size 12 including myself. Spouses or non-photographers are welcome but a maximum of 2 on this trip total.
  • What: photography tour catering to photographing in the best light of the day, in the field practice in a fun small group setting, and flexible schedule to allow us to decide how long we stay at each location!
  • Why: to learn and do photography, experience some local culture, and to have a whole lot of fun doing it in a tropical, exotic place that is Cuba!

Download a PDF flyer with all the trip details here!

Cigar lady Havana – image courtesy of Anthony Pond

I’ve explored numerous options for various things and had to make some tough decisions. I chose accommodation, events and schedule based on what I thought would work best for the group.  As this is the inaugural tour you’re going to be helping me refine this tour and process for future dates and possibly other locations so I’m certainly open to your feedback along the way.  So, here’s the scoop on the tour quote.

NOTE:  we have built this tour to stay at Casa Particulars (like a home stay or B&B) for a more authentic Cuban experience!  

Top 3 reasons you want to join us on this trip!

  1. more time to photograph without other tour participants always telling you to hurry, or feeling like you’re holding up the whole group
  2. increase your confidence doing street photography and photographing people – this is a perfect place to practice this if you have any anxiety around taking photos of strangers. The people are friendly and you have a well qualified photography teacher to lead you, guide you and encourage you, as well as safety in numbers if that makes you feel better too
  3. go now before the US trade embargo gets lifted and Cuba changes forever. Invariably once they are allowed to trade with the developed world Cuba will lose a lof of its charm.

Plaza Vieja Havana Cuba – image courtesy of Marc Reid

Classic car in Old Havana – image courtesy of Jordi Martorell

I’ve tried to incorporate as many photography and art related events and opportunities as possible, with help of the tour agency that’s put this quote together.  The itinerary is flexible and we have the ability to adjust times daily.  For example, if we go to one location and are supposed to be there for an hour, but we are really enjoying it and want to stay longer – we can do that, and perhaps shorten or delete the next location or rearrange to another day.  I’ve also left quite a bit of free time so you can revisit a place you enjoyed or just relax.
Some of the things we may be doing include:
  • Organic farm visit and cigar rolling demonstration in Vinales
  • Panoramic tour ride in a vintage car in Havana
  • Introductory salsa dance lesson
  • Afro-Cuban Folklore show
  • Opportunities to be out on the town in the best light of the day, morning and evening
  • flexible schedule: we decide how long we stay at each place
  • includes accommodation and 8 breakfasts.
  • we’ll be staying home-stays called Casa Particulars for a more authentic experience and chance to mingle with the locals and see the real Cuba
For the most part meals are not included with the exception of breakfast daily.  We will try and eat in smaller Paladars which are restaurants in people’s home.  More authentic local food, and great ambience and prices.

Cigar gentlemen Havana – image courtesy of Anthony Pond

Class car of Havana – image courtesy of Anthony Pond

To see more of Anthony Pond’s images visit his online portfolio or Flickr page.

Pricing of Photography Tour to CUBA

Prices also do NOT include airfare. You will need to book that on your own to arrive on prior to the workshop start date. If you wish to stay in Cuba after the workshop that’s up to you, so you can book your return flight for what ever date you choose.  I will be staying 3-4 days to do research for the next trip myself.
  • For photography workshop participation:   $2180!
  • Non-photographers (spouse/partner):  please contact the travel agent
All bookings and payments will be done through the travel agent.  If you want to come on this trip please contact The Adventure Travel Co to place a deposit.
Please keep in mind that this is Cuba, so don’t expect 4 star accommodation to be like 4 stars here in Canada, the USA or Europe.  We go to Cuba, and places like it, to experience life there, how they live, what they do, and who they are.  We won’t be in our rooms much so keep that in mind.
Special note for American travelers:  due to the trade embargo placed on Cuba by the US government in the 1960s it is more difficult to travel to Cuba from the US, but not impossible.  There are agents that will help you get travel to Cuba. The company I am working with is Canadian so unfortunately we cannot do that for you.  If you wish to join us on this tour you will need to arrange your own passage to get there and meet us in Havana.  Flights are not included in this tour.  Please do not book any flights or travel without contacting us first to confirm the tour is going ahead as scheduled.
If you want to read about a fellow American that recently went to Cuba, you can do so on Location 180 in this article by Sean Ogle.  He talks about how to get there, and his experience in Havana.  It’s worth a read, and there’s a video as well, check it out. Travel to Cuba for US citizens is difficult, but not impossible. Please call the agent to discuss the options.

How to Book the tour!

Please contact the travel agency to book a spot on this tour or get more information.

Download a PDF flyer with all the trip details here!
780-439-3096 or toll free 1.888.238.2887
Twitter @atcadventure

Let’s do this!!!  I’m excited!


Still not convinced? Watch this video!

SOY DE CUBA clip from trackingprod on Vimeo.

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