Photography Classes In Edmonton

Here you’ll find a list of the photography classes in Edmonton that I teach.

Travel Photography Class

Travel Photography Class in Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaIn this travel photography class, you will learn the ins and outs of what to consider when photographing abroad. Some of the topics we discuss are about what equipment to take: camera bodies, lenses, tripod/monopod/or gorilla-pod, camera bag or backpack, memory cards, filters, batteries, chargers, power converters, etc. We discuss methods of backing up your images so that all your photos are safe and sound. We cover how to scout out good locations in a foreign country and how to recognize and find good lighting. We also discuss approaching people on the street or in public and of course travel safety. Read more about this Edmonton photography class on the Travel Photography page.

Available Light Photography Class in Edmonton

Available Light Photography Class

Flashes serve a purpose, but going flash-free and making use of natural light available to you often create dramatic photographs. In this photography class, you’ll learn how to make use of available light from windows, reflected light of the sun and the proper way to use a fill flash. You’ll come to understand how to set up for window light and more importantly, the angle of light – why this is important, how to create and control it. It’s a comprehensive photography class and more information can be found on the Available Light Photography Class.

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photography tutor in Edmonton

Born and raised in Edmonton, Darlene has had formal training in photography at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. She enjoys portraits, fine art, and travel photography. She is a seasoned traveler having spent time in Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Peru, Thailand, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Cuba and Australia. Darlene loves exotic locales, exotic food and experiencing different countries directly through the local people and the cultural arts. Her vision is to share her artistic talents through teaching “the art of seeing”, and to spread love and tolerance through the experience of truly connecting with and understanding people of different cultures.