Peru needs our help badly!


Flooding in the Valley

Flooding in the Valley

When devastating floods struck the residents of Peru’s Sacred Valley earlier this year, people responded. Contributions from the United States were sent to Path of the Heart, a Delaware-registered tax-exempt, 501-C3, non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to promoting the well being of low-income Peruvian children and their families.

As the gateway to Machu Picchu – Peru’s premier tourist destination – and as the home to some of Peru’s most outstanding archaeological treasures, the Sacred Valley itself is a beautiful tourist destination.  However, many visitors to the Sacred Valley are unaware that many Peruvian children live in daily need of food.   Path of the Heart operates a restaurant in Ollantaytambo to feed the children from the Sacred Valley in order to meet this need.  The restaurant is funded by contributions to Path of the Heart.

Path of the Heart cooks

Path of the Heart cooks

Path of the Heart is having great difficulty funding the restaurant due to a significant decrease in donations.  We are asking for your help to meet this critical need so the organization can continue to provide food to school children in the Restaurante Corazones del Mundo (Restaurant of the Universal Heart).   Every school day hot lunches are served for between 80 and 100 school children.  Many of these children walk hours from their villages to attend school and without the restaurant would have no food all day.  For many, this is their only meal of the day.  Washington Gibaja Tapia (“Washi”), Vice President of Path of the Heart for Peru, started the restaurant and continues its operation.  His passion to uplift, nurture, and change the lives of thousands of poor, homeless and handicapped people of Peru is unrelenting.

The children need hot meals and our help!

The monthly cost to fund the restaurant is $1,600.  Contributions are desperately needed to continue to this project.   Please join us in supporting the Sacred Valley community.

Please consider pledging a monthly donation that can be budgeted and counted upon so that the children can be assured of a hot well-balanced meal Monday through Friday.   If a monthly pledge is not possible, any donation will be appreciated.

Since hunger is widespread in the Sacred Valley, more and more children are coming to the restaurant.  The current facility is small and cramped for the children served, but without this service many of the children would go hungry.   Space is rented at this time; however, long term plans are to construct a new restaurant on donated land that will include bathrooms, a larger eating area, kitchen and study area.  Plans have been drawn up and the estimated cost of the new restaurant is only $15,000. Contributions are also needed for the new restaurant although the immediate need is to be able to continue to feed these precious children.

This is what your money does - feeds the kids!

Please send your tax-deductible donation to:

Path of the Heart
91 Vantrease Road
Brush Creek, TN 38547

Payment by PayPal (please see the website) or check is welcome. Receipts will be issued promptly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or visit our website,, or email ameliaview@

Please share this one your Facebook wall and RT it on Twitter.  Together we can help the kids and people of Peru that so desparately need us.

Here are some more photos of the devastation from the recent floods.   People lost their homes, their livestock, their crops and their hope.   Like the flower in the flood water – let’s try and be that hope for them – show them we care, please!

A flower springs out of the river representing some hope

holding back the flood waters

Trying to hold back the river

What's left of a home in the Sacred Valley Peru

Homes destroyed by Sacred Valley flooding

Streets in the town flooded too

Homes washed away by the river

Homes washed away by the river

Homes washed away by the river

Homes washed away by the river

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