Road Trip 2011 Calendars

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A couple years ago I did a calendar of some of my favorite images of Peru.   I got to thinking, since I took over 17,000 images on our six month RV trip south – I should do the same this year!    So here is the official launch of Road Trip 2011.  It includes 13 fabulous images from our 26,000 km (over 16,000 miles for my American friends) in full color glossy pages in 8.5×11.

The calendars will retail for $20 plus GST, shipping is extra if needed – I just charge you what it costs me.  Shipping will be added to your total if you order online here.  If you pick up your calendar I’ll give you a cash refund for the shipping cost.


Calendars are great gifts for xmas, staff or co-workers and those hard to buy for people.   The best part is even those tough to buy for guys on your list will like it because there’s cars in it!   I went with a theme this year of Road Trip as that’s exactly what our journey was – one big one at that!  So the images are things along the Roadside, or things that were once on the road.  We even hit Route 66 a couple times so look for some cool diners and gas stations.

Here are the images that appear in the calendar.  It’s a slide show, so just click the picture to start it.  Of course they are much more impressive in print but this is a good teaser.


Click to play slide show

Odell Station on Route 66

This photograph of the Odell Station on Route 66 in Illinois is one of Rob’s (my husband) favorite images. He says he has a lot of good energy around it.  We were running out of light and I wanted to make it to this town to photograph this station. We got there and it was all but dark and no lights on the building. So we started photographing with our car headlights on it for any light at all. We tried using a flashlight on it and as we started running around lighting bits of the station up – the motion sensors came on and we had an “aha!” moment. So we used the lights to our advantage – each one set off in a different exposure, some of them at long at 8 minutes. Then I worked some magic in Photoshop to combine about 9 different shots into the final image you see here. Is that cool or what?

I just remember having to go to the bathroom the entire time and when you’re doing the Pee Dance 8 minutes for each exposure is a loooooong time!

What you don’t see in the image is Rob running around setting off the motion sensors and then hiding behind the posts or around back of the station while the exposure finishes.  Trust me, he’s in the picture a lot, but he’s always hiding out of sight.

I asked him why he likes it so much and he told me that after a great day exploring Route 66 with me, we got to this spot as the sun was just setting.  It was quiet and peaceful with virtually no other cars around to interrupt us.  The stars had come out, the sky was clear and the air was so very fresh.  His helping me set up the shot and running around the building setting off the light sensors just allowed him to fully appreciate the place and be fully present during the making of the shot.  He says he was in pure joy for a good hour.

Calendar Images Featured Elsewhere

Reporters from Dwight Illinois (on Route 66) found out about a few of my images from their neighborhood and interviewed us. The Dawg Diner HDR image and a few others were featured in their small newspaper and we were quite pleased with how it all turned out.

As well, my cover shot for the calendar, the HDR image of Dots Diner in Bisbee Arizona was featured on Sean Ogle’s Daily HDR website.

Back to the Road Trip 2011 Calendar. To order one please click on the Add to Cart button below to make your payment by Paypal.  If you’re in Edmonton I’ll be keeping a list and you can come pick your order up from me directly once I get the calendars.  If you require shipping and billing to the US, please use the button below for US Orders.

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For orders of more than three calendars please email me with a quantity as I’ll have to get a quote on shipping. Then if you want to proceed I’ll send you a custom invoice including the freight.

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  1. 16Elements says:

    I love the shots of the firetrucks!

  2. Sandra says:

    Love the diners!

  3. Jan says:

    Wow! Once again your work is both excellent and beautiful, Darlene (and Rob).

  4. Nicole says:

    LOVE these shots – amazing what you can do with light and color from a relatively “simple” subject. The diners are my favorites.

  5. vicky hildebrandt says:

    Thank you for a beautiful calendar. Now I can enjoy the sights of Route 66 all year – and I will continue to do so even after the year ends. “It’s a keeper !!!”

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