Wallpaper: George Eastman House

Wallpaper for March 2012 – HDR of Eastman Kodak House

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As St. Patrick’s Day falls in March, I wanted to do a wallpaper for this month that featured a lot of green so I chose this image of George Eastman House in Rochester, NY.  It was the home of George Eastman, the creator and founder of Eastman Kodak Company and is now a museum of photography.  We visited the house in spring of 2010 when we traveled over 27,000km on our 6 month RV trip.  As a photographer I was quite excited to see the history of the man that had such a big part in photography history.  If you’re ever in upstate New York I highly recommend making time to visit.  The house itself is interesting and there are numerous galleries and exhibits including one on the history of cameras.

I also felt it was very apropos considering the current state of the company of Kodak, which filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year. .

I hope March brings spring to you (if you are in the northern hemisphere) or at least warmer weather.  Until later, enjoy your new desktop image of the month.

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