Wallpaper May 2012 – beach on Kauai, HI

Wallpaper for May 2012 – beach on Kaua’i, HI

The May 2012 desktop wallpaper is now available for download in the top six most popular screen resolution sizes and proportions.  Please select the one closest to your screen size and proportions for the best fit.  On a PC, right click and then “save target as..”, on Mac, Ctrl-Click.  If it’s not quite the right shape or size you may have to choose “stretch to fit”.  If it doesn’t look quite right you may have to chose another size that’s closer, check the proportions of your screen.

Download May 2012 wallpaper below:

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This month’s wallpaper image comes to you from gorgeous Kauai, Hawaii.  Last month I had the privilege of visiting the islands of Hawaii.  I have to say I’ve sort of been avoiding going to Hawaii because it is one of the more expensive tropical destinations, but it really was fabulous.  Besides the obvious amazing scenery, I found the Hawaiian people friendly and island life relaxed and laid back.  We saw whales, crabs, dolphins and sea turtles.  We ate traditional Hawaiian food, and fresh seafood was amazing.
We took a seven day cruise around the islands with stops in four ports including 2 days on Kauai.  It was my sister in law’s 60th birthday and the whole family went on the cruise together.  As a birthday gift, I did a portrait of her and her husband on this beach as the sun was setting.  As we walked off the beach I noticed the upside down kayaks and the colour of the sky, so I had to stop to create this image.  I hope you enjoy it on your desktop as much as I enjoyed Hawaii and perhaps you’ll add the islands to your list of places to visit.
I’ve already got next month’s image selected, but it’s really hard deciding on these each month.  I’d love to hear from you what kind of image you’d like to see on your desktop.  I have tons of images from the following places, please put a note in the comments below and let me know your preferences.
  • Peru
  • Singapore
  • Mayalsia
  • Thailand
  • New Zealand
  • NYC
  • New Orleans
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington, DC
  • Texas
  • Death Valley
  • Arizona (yes the canyon)
  • Chicago and route 66
  • Savannah, GE
  • Turkey (the country not the bird)
  • Spain
  • Montreal and Quebec City, QC
  • Canadian Maritimes (NS, PEI)

If any of those places are on your bucket list and you’re planning a trip, reach out and tell us!  Then share your images too!

If you wish to purchase a print of any of the monthly wallpaper images, they are all available on the portfolio page.

See you next month!

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