Wallpaper June 2012 – Rainbow Falls, Big Island, Hawaii

Wallpaper for June 2012 – Rainbow Falls Big Island, HI

The June 2012 desktop wallpaper is now available for download in the top six most popular screen resolution sizes and proportions.  Please select the one closest to your screen size and proportions for the best fit. On a PC, right click and then “save target as..”, on Mac, Ctrl-Click. If it’s not quite the right shape or size you may have to choose “stretch to fit”.  If it doesn’t look quite right you may have to chose another size that’s closer, check the proportions of your screen.

Download June 2012 wallpaper below:

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For a second month, my desktop wallpaper is from gorgeous Hawaii!  I honestly didn’t think I’d love it as much there as I did.  I knew it was pretty, and warm and has gorgeous beaches and all that stuff.  But, what I wasn’t prepared for was the Hawaiian people and how laid back and truly friendly they are.  It reminded me of being in New Zealand again and the Maori people, who are all about “people, people, people” in their culture.  Of course they are both Polynesian Islands so it shouldn’t be that surprising to find similarities.
The image of this waterfall was literally made in about 5 minutes.  We spent the day driving around the island from Hilo into Volcano National Park to see the steaming crater and dried up lava flows.  I wanted to make a stop at this waterfall which is basically right in the town, on our way back to our cruise ship.  Of course we were running late, we all skipped lunch so that we had enough time to make a brief (and I do mean brief) stop here.  There was another man with his little camera on a tripod in the spot I wanted to use and I almost didn’t get this image, but at the last moment he moved and I grabbed a series of images to make this HDR final photograph.
Side note, completely off topic.  Family is important, remember to take time to thank them and tell them how you feel.  So please allow me to do that.
Big thanks to my sister and brother in law, Brian and Marilyn, for bringing us out to Hawaii and allowing us to have this experience.   Also to Jan and Larry Ness, for your patience waiting for me that day (and for saving our butts and driving when we forgot our drivers licenses, DOH!), thanks guys!   Love you!  Mahalo!

I’ll post more Hawaii images soon I promise, but until then please enjoy Rainbow Falls for June.


If you want to purchase a print of this image, or any of the past 2012 desktop wallpaper images just go to the gallery here.

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  1. I love this wallpaper 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    I was at Rainbow Falls in February 2012 and enjoyed the view.

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