Wallpaper December 2012 – San Francisco, CA

Wallpaper for December 2012 – San Francisco, CA

The December 2012 desktop wallpaper is now available for download in the top three most popular screen resolution sizes and proportions.  Please select the one closest to your screen size and proportions for the best fit (for 1280×800 use the 1440×900 one and for 1366×768 use the 2560×900 – they are the same proportions, your computer will scale them down for you). On a PC, right click and then “save target as..”, on Mac just Click to open the image, then right click and choose “save as desktop image”. If it’s not quite the right shape or size you may have to choose “stretch to fit”.  If it doesn’t look quite right you may have to chose another size that’s closer to the proportions of your screen.

If you want to purchase a print of this image, or any of the past 2012 desktop wallpaper images just click on the image above or go to the gallery here.

Notice:  this will be the last month I will be doing the desktop wallpapers.  They’ve been declining in popularity and are quite time consuming to create in all the sizes so unfortunately this is the last one.  I had a hard time selecting an image this month so I thought I’d give you a choice of two, both from San Francisco.  Take your pick below and I hope you’ve enjoyed the month wallpapers for 2012.

Download December 2012 wallpaper #1 (image above) here:

1280×1024 | 1440×900 | 2560×1440

The above is an abstract image taken using a long exposure inside the Hyatt Hotel.  By zooming my lens during the exposure it makes the lights look like you’re jumping to hyperdrive (for those of you that are old enough to remember Star Wars).

Download December 2012 wallpaper #2 (image below) here:

1280×1024 | 1440×900 | 2560×1440

This second image was taken inside Grace Cathedral famous for its architecture and labyrinths.  I love the stained glass and the graphic nature of the columns.  Yes I did walk the labyrinth!

If you want to purchase a print of this month’s images, or any of the past 2012 desktop wallpaper images just go to the gallery here.

PS my husband likes one image and not the other so there’s a little contest to see which one gets downloaded more often!  Hope you pick my fave!

5 Responses to “Wallpaper December 2012 – San Francisco, CA”
  1. Ricardo says:

    It’s a shame the wallpapers will no longer be available.
    I’ll miss them here from Brazil.

    • Darlene says:

      Sorry about that. They just haven’t been popular lately compared to my “how to” articles and photography tips so I’m going to focus more on those. Glad you enjoyed this year’s.

  2. Thanks so much for the wallpaper. I have really enjoyed them…along with all the other great stuff you do!!

  3. Lanna says:

    Such a shame since I’ve just started following you blog, but.. =((

    I will keep reading all you articles, and by the way, downloaded your book and will start practicing all the tips!

    Wonderful work!


    • Darlene says:

      Sorry for those that will miss them. I found they were mostly popular with people that wanted a photo, not those that wanted to learn photography. So I need to focus on you guys that want to learn. Does that make sense?

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