Edmonton Photo Walk 2010

Hey all you aspiring photographers and wanna bees – now’s your chance to get out and do some photography in with a cool group of people and maybe even win some prizes.  Join me and 1000’s of others world wide on July 24th as we participate in the World Wide Photo Walk.

Edmonton photo walk leader

Last year I participated for the first time in Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk. Basically it’s just an organized walk where photo enthusiasts get out to take photos.  This event happens in cities all over the world on the same day and some cities have multiple walks so you can choose which one to join.  In Edmonton this year there are 3, and I am leading one of them in the downtown area.

This is one of my images from last year, 2009

The other two are almost full so I encourage you to come check out my walk.  Details of my particular walk can be found by searching for walks in Edmonton from the main page or clicking here.

Edmonton Photo Walk

You don’t need to be a professional, nor do you need to own a fancy camera.  All you need is enthusiasm and willingness to walk with us, join the group and add in conversation and sharing of images later.  You might learn something or teach someone else something, you never know.  But I can tell you that last year I met some great people, saw some great images created and had a great time.

edmonton photo walk

There is a contest also (prizes from Scott Kelby – one of THE Photoshop Guys) and one winner from each walk will be chosen by myself.  But you can’t enter if you don’t come walk with us.  I actually won last year, but as I’m leading this time I am not eligible to enter but I get the fun of picking the winner – it could be you!

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