Matt and Amy-Lynn’s wedding in Campbell River, BC

A couple of weeks ago I posted photos of the first of Rob’s nephews to get married in Campbell River, BC.  Each of the guys were best man to the other so Michael had to quickly recover from his own wedding to be part of Matt and Amy-Lynn’s two days later.  When I asked them why they decided to have their weddings the same weekend I learned it was due to their elderly grand parents who made the trip out from Saskatchewan and may not be able to travel again, and all the family have already made the trip so saves us a second journey.  Makes perfect sense to me and we appreciated only having to travel once.

Like his brother, Matt and his bride decided to have an outdoor wedding.  However, theirs was not to be on the beach but in a secluded private park called Kitty Coleman Park.  Apparently the owners of the property carved out the paths that were naturally there and it sort of just turned into a park, so now they rent it out for special events like this one.  Without any professional horticulturist, I’d say they’ve made a pretty nice park.

The weather was hot again, and the sun shone brilliantly (which for photographers isn’t always our favorite thing, makes for harsher shadows and lighting).  Amy-Lynn’s father performed the beautiful ceremony and infused some humor into it as well when he delayed their first kiss as husband and wife.

Pastor Mark and his humor, which we all enjoyed

Their idea to give out bird seed to the guests was great, but they got pelted with it!

FIrst time in several years that all 4 siblings have been in one place. We got a little goofy.

We were treated to a fabulous dinner (catered by one of Amy’s brothers in-laws) and the most amazing entertainment I’ve seen at a wedding in a long time.  Singers, comedy acts, games, and even the mother of the bride got up and yodeled!   A fun time was had by all, even if our table didn’t win the play-dough bride and groom sculpture contest.

Yodeling mom

Mary singing "You cain't get a man with a gun", she was awesome

To get them to kiss you had to sing a song with "love" in it somehow

These guys had everybody in stitches, seriously hilarious guys!

Matt and Amy's reaction to the guy's skit

The winning play-dough sculpture. As they looked at it, Matt asked "is that chocolate on my head?" Notice the bride got all the dough and Matt's a cork? Okay so it was better than ours.

Presented with oven mitts and a plunger, Amy was told to use the mitts and Matt is in charge of the plunger no matter who did it!

The ever popular shoe game, always fun.

Never saw a couple get changed and make a grand exit, but they did and got attacked with silly string.

Gorgeous end to a fabulous day! All done by 8pm cause the park closes - on to the honeymoon!

Congratulations Matt and Amy-Lynn, may you enjoy many happy years together!

13 Responses to “Matt and Amy-Lynn’s wedding in Campbell River, BC”
  1. Ardell McLennan says:

    Absolutely stunning! Great work Darlene.

    • Darlene says:

      Thanks, and I wasn’t even the “official” photographer again, just a guest like everyone else. I can’t help it, I gotta take photos anyway.

  2. Amy-lynn says:

    Absolutely loved the photos Darlene. Thank you so much for taking them. You are one talented woman!

    You captured all the candid moments and now those memories will be forever remembered in your photography. Thanks once again. You did an incredible job!

    Amy-lynn Ness (The Bride) <3

  3. Jan says:

    Hey Darlene…awesome work! The day was fabulous and they are left with fabulous photos as well!

  4. vicky hildebrandt says:

    This looks like so much fun – wish I could have heard the yodelling. The smiles on everyones’ faces says it all.
    Dar – great candid moments to be remembered :D)

  5. Anita Moody says:

    Wow Darlene that was a great show, loved the pictures, you did a wonderful job, I have to admit you are very gifted, it was a fun day and you captured it well. love the close ups.

    (mother of the bride, aka yodeling mom)

  6. marilynn cooper says:

    Wow! Once again you captured the love between the bride and groom beautifully Darlene! If I had had a real wedding (as opposed to a civil ceremony), I would have loved for you to have been there to take pictures.

  7. Jan says:

    Hey, Darlene, maybe Marilynn should have a real wedding now and you can be her photographer! We should talk to her about this!

  8. Todd says:

    I just love outdoor weddings – and you can’t beat the light you get! Indoors, dark, cranking the ISO and relying on your speedlight constantly – it’s brutal

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