Top 3 Student Images From Recent Photo Walk

One of the classes I teach at Metro Continuing Education is the Photo WalkEdmonton is blessed with the distinction of being an arts community, and has many summer festivals such as Taste of Edmonton.  Our Photo Walk field trip was scheduled to coincide with this event and my students gathered a good selection of photographs.  During the in-class time prior to the Photo Walk itself, we discussed having a theme for the Photo Walk, or a sort of self appointed assignment.    These are the Top 3 Images chosen by the students themselves following the field trip portion of the class, in no particular order:Edmonton Photo Walk Student Image Facial Hair Theme

Black and White Image by Lynette Jonson

This black and white image by Lynette Jonson has great composition and is a powerful image.  Her chosen theme or assignment was “facial hair” and she did a great job of capturing it well.

Student Image from an Edmonton Photo Walk - Theme Textures

Brick Wall by Erin Roberts

The Photo Walk theme for Erin Roberts was “texture” and in this image, she captures the brick as well as the paint pealing off the metal slats on the vent.   Textures… absolutely!   Nicely composed as well, good job Erin!

Student image of a red chair during an edmonton photo walk

Red Chair by Leslie Mariko

This red chair was shot inside the Art Gallery of Alberta, in downtown Edmonton by Leslie Mariko.  Her theme for the Photo Walk was simply “Red”.    Another job well done.

My students and I discussed having a theme for their walk and as a class, we threw out a whole bunch of options.  Then, from the list, the students each chose their own theme.  Having a theme forces you as a photographer to be more selective as you photograph.  To slow down a bit and take your time in finding and composing the shot, rather that rapidly shooting and moving on.   A Photo Walk theme helps you dial in on a subject for the day and just makes you think a little differently.  My theme for the Photo Walk was feet – selected for me by the students as something to give me a challenge.   That is was!

For more information about the annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo walk in Edmonton, see my Edmonton Photo Walk Page. I’m leading one of the walks this year which takes place on October 1st, 2011.

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