Summer Photo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Summer Photography contest!

Last month I introduces my new Online Tutoring Services by having a Summer Photography Contest. The winners were randomly selected from all the entries by putting the names into a bowl, and my husband drew them out one at a time. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to the three winners. They are as follows:

First prize goes to Joyce

Her image of her grandson playing in the park is a perfect example of what summer means. Joyce has won two hours of private online tutoring with me, valued at $140. You can see more of Joyce’s images on Flickr.

Joyce winning image summer contest

Second prize goes to Shawna

An image captured at the Vegreville Country Fair, another great summer event and favourite activity. As second prize winner she will receive a $50 credit to use towards private tutoring, online Lightroom classes or purchase of a fine art print from the gallery. View more of Shawna’s images here.

Shawna winning image

Third prize goes to Sue

A trip to the zoo, also a good summer thing to do. As third prize winner she will also receive a $50 credit to use towards private tutoring, online Lightroom classes or purchase of a fine art print from the gallery. Sue’s Flickr stream has more of her images here.

Sue winning image

 Next up watch for a new Lightroom Class which will be:

  • presented in a weekly format, 2 hours, one module per week (approx. 10 weeks)
  • live and online so you can participate from your own home wherever you are
  • part instructional, and part interactive with a Q&A session each week
  • buy the whole class at once, or just pay for the weeks you wish to attend
  • pick up any module you miss on the next session of the class so you miss nothing
  • estimated cost will be $50 per class (20% discount for purchasing the entire set)

Coming soon – fall 2012!!!

Cheers Darlene


2 Responses to “Summer Photo Contest Winners!”
  1. Joyce Churchill says:

    Darlene is an awesome photographer and I found her to be a great instructor also. As the winner of her “What Summer Means to You” contest, I had a private tutoring session today. (Yes, I’m in Anaheim, CA and she’s in Edmonton Canada — it was on-line.) I was able to get so many questions answered. I am new to photography so she covered some of the basics I hadn’t grasped fully. We all have preconceived notions that get in the way of our understanding. Darlene asked the right questions to understand what I didn’t know and then explained and demonstrated the concepts so I gained clarity on what it was I was struggling with.

    Darlene listens well and demonstrates well. She was clear and concise in her explanations and had excellent examples to share with me after helping me with my images. The session was far more instructive than I ever expected it to be. My knowledge has been broadened and deepened so I’m ready to try new things to get the images I desire. I’ll be taking another session once I’ve had the chance to practice what I learned today. I found this to be such a great educational adventure and I recommend it highly.

  2. Darlene says:

    Thanks Joyce that’s so nice of you to say and I’m really glad you got so much out of today. I strive for maximum value for all my students, whether in a class setting or one on one. This was my first “online tutoring” session so thank you for putting up with the few bugs we had to work out and being willing to be my trial and error test. 🙂

    Keep practicing, do the Exercises in the 10 Photography Challenges ebook, and you can post your images and comments on the exercises here:

    For anyone reading that if you don’t have the ebook yet you can sign up to download it for FREE on the same page!

    It was great working with you today Joyce, thanks again for your comments! Happy shooting!

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